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Multiple Cash is a website designed to withstand the likeness of Engineers, Engineer-to-be, engineer-in-training, pro-engineers, engineer-wanna-bees and anybody who is interested in reading side hustles, money generation tips and fun Engineering facts and stories from a fella Engineer.

About Me

ENGINEER MUTIPLE CASHBeing an Engineer doesn’t mean we are always paid handsomely compared to other career professionals. Some of us have debts to pay, bills overdue, and need an extra cash for something we desire to buy or own. Check out my latest blog on how to earn cash, the engineer way.

On some occasion, Engineers doesn’t save or invest the same way as the herd. We research and analyze the market, we build our own trading signals, we design our own investment survival probabilities, we calculate the risk and hedge it with 2x-safety factors, we run the permutations, perform the test, rinse and repeat. In this blog, I will tackle some investment topics for Engineers who wanted to invest simply and not look at investing as a project. I will be taking my design and project management hat off in order to share with you interesting ways of investing in yourself and for the future.

Once you fulfilled earning that extra cash and saved rigorously in your retirement account, what else is left to do? Let’s talk about various ridiculous, outrageous and fun ways Engineers spend their money on.

Join me as we tackle Engineering life one blog at a time.

~Ava Marie, PE

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